Complete Sets

All you need to Wingfoil

Cabrinha Deals

Peter Cabrinha is a legend in the surfing world. His team of designers have a lot of experience crafting the top quality and performance equipment for surfing, Kiting and in the latest years also Wingsurfing. Check out what this company has to offer for your water sports adventures.

F-One Deals

Established in 1994, F-ONE not only produces advanced technical products but also creates the most enjoyable gear that will allow all riders to feel the thrill of riding. Everything is developed and tested in-house, from the very first ideas to the designs and prototypes right up to the finished product in your hands.


Fun for the whole family on a boat trip to a nearby small island with a white sandy beach. Learn to wing on this beautiful beach with palapa huts. We can arrange the tour for you!


You can ask us about specifications and prices anytime. We can help you refine your choice depending on use of the gear, your weight and your wingsurf style. If you order a whole set, you can expect a discount. Before ordening we always check inventory so you know if an item is in stock or in pre-order.