Flow above cristal clear waters

Our Tours

Because we already surfed Curacao’s coastlines as Windsurfers, Wavesurfers and Kitesurfers for many years, we know where to take you. For every skill level we have a great spot to foil. The power of the ocean can never be underestimated, so we will look after your safety. That’s why all open water tours are accompanied by speedboat.

Klein Curacao

This small island, that lies 60 kilometers east of Curacao, is definitely the greatest experience we offer. To get there we have to travel 1,5 hours by boat. A day at the islands pristine azur waters is an unforgettable adventure! Want to spend the night there? That’s also possible! * Beginner to Advanced Level

Sint Joris Bay

This bay, also called Kiters Beach, is where our local kite gang hangs out. It is a safe secluded bay away from society. You can foil freely in this large bay in the middle of nature. At the entrance of the bay waves roll in, which makes it a perfect place for foilers that want to wave surf.* Beginner to Advanced Level

Jan Sofat

The Spanish water is a big inland bay which is a popular place for all watersports. There is a lot of space for WingSurfing. Jansofat is a district in this bay known for its calm waters. This is our main location for lessons. 
* Beginner to Advanced Level

Fuik Bay

From the peninsula Caracasbay we will surf upwind to the entrance of Fuik Bay up north. The waves that swell along the coastline will give you that smooth foil ride that lasts for minutes on end. Wasn’t that the reason you wanted to learn foilboarding in the first place? * Advanced Level


Bringing your wing gear on a vacation is always a hassle and can be costly. Items can get lost or damaged in the process. Check out our rental services! A convenient and ideal solution to Wingsurfing on Curacao.