Foil Lessons

For different ages & fitness levels

Steps to Succes

Wingsurfing is a sport everybody can learn and enjoy. You don’t need to be an athlete to start foiling. Although it helps having experience with other watersports it is not difficult to learn. Wingsurfing (often also called wingboarding or wingfoiling) is a relatively new sport which is less as dangerous than Kitesurfing. It involves no ropes.

Step 1: The Foil Basics

We take our time to give you all the information you need to get going. Always good to know how a foil works and how they are assembled. Then we start pumping up the Wing together and let you play with it on shore. Also we inform you about wind conditions, self-rescue and give you some safety tips. Next we take time to train in the water.

Step 2: Wing Control

Standing on a board with a flapping wing in your hand can be challenging for some people. It’s all about learning to find your balance on a board. Most will get going after a few tries. We take our time to teach you how to execute the right moves and find the right stance. After one or two lessons you should be able to gain speed and stay upwind.

Step 3: Foil Balance

Experience has learned that it’s easier to start foiling on a wing if you practice while being towed by a boat. When you have already found your balance and have foiled behind a boat, it will become easier to combine foiling with a wing. We can arrange this extra lesson on demand.

Step 4: Refining Your Flow

Now you’re ready to step up your game! We teach you how to spot gusts of wind and find the right speed to get on the foil. Now the fun really begins! You have mastered the wing control and now it’s just a matter of time before you’ve foiled your first few meters with a wing. We will then further refine your stance and surfing style with tips and tricks.


1 Day Course 1.5 hours for USD 100* 2 Hours for USD 140*
2 Day Course 3 hours for USD 190* 4 Hours for USD 270*
3 Day Course 4.5 hours for USD 270* 6 Hours for USD 400*
4 Day Course 6 hours for USD 360* 8 Hours for USD 520*
5 Day Course 7.5 hours for USD 425* 10 Hours for USD 620*

*rates are based on this month 20% discount


For experienced windsurfers we have a special
QUICK-GO-FOIL short program. If you already know how to windsurf you need less coaching to start foiling with a wing. 


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